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The Suzanne Show will feature the Silk’n Flash&Go on Wednesday morning at 7:00 am Pacific Time on the Lifetime Channel.  This is 8:00 am Mountain Time, 6:00 am Central Time, and 7:00 am Eastern Time.  This will be a great time for women across the country who have been considering at-home hair removal products a chance to see one in action.

Many women in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world regularly shave their arms, legs, underarms, feet, and other parts of their body on a very regular basis.  This daily routine, although not necessarily difficult, can be a serious nuisance for many women.  Many women, however, are discovering that there are now products that can be used from the comfort of their own home that can eliminate body hair permanently.  The Silk’n Flash and Go is an at home permanent hair removal system that is designed to help women and men eliminate all of their unwanted or unsightly body hair.  Most Flash and Go Reviews are positive, and when used properly, they provide their users with outstanding results in a relatively short amount of time.

How does the Silk’n Flash&Go work?

The Flash & Go uses a technology called Home Pulsed Light (HPL) that selectively targets a pigment in the hair called melanin.  This dark pigment absorbs the light energy from the device, which causes it to become heated.  This rapid heating of the hair follicle disables its growth, and inhibits it from growing.  After several treatments, the user’s hair will grow in thinner and lighter.  After just a few months of use, users should experience permanent hair removal results that they would experience at a professional hair removal clinic.

How do I use the Silk’n Flash&Go?

The Flash & Go hair removal device can be used by men and women anywhere on their bodies or face, and it works best on dark body hair (white, grey, or blond hairs are not removed as well with the device).

  1. Before using the device, shave the area that is going to be treated.  Make sure the skin is completely dry and clean before using the Flash&Go.
  2. The Flash & Go hair removal device has 5 different energy levels.  Begin with the lowest level first, and progress quickly as you have tested each different energy level.  The higher the energy level you use, the faster you will see results.
  3. Place the tip of the device directly against the area you intend to treat.
  4. When the device indicates it is safe to do so, press the “Pulse” button to deliver a pulse of high energy light.
  5. Move the tip of the device to the neighboring area of the skin, taking care not to overlap or stack any pulses of light.

Is the Silk’n Flash&Go safe?

The Flash & Go has been FDA approved, and it uses technology that has safely been used for over fifteen years in a clinical setting.  However, there are some people the device is not designed for.  As with other light-based technology, the Flash&Go is not safe for those with naturally dark skin.  For those who feel that their skin might be unsafe for the device, the Flash&Go features a light sensor that automatically measures the pigmentation of the skin.  If the skin is deemed too dark for safe treatment, the device is disabled, and a pulse of light is not administered.  Because of this, the Silk’n Flash&Go is extremely safe.

How long do the Silk’n Flash&Go disposable lamp cartridges last?

Just like with other light-based permanent hair removal products, the Silk’n Flash&Go uses lamp cartridges that last for a limited number of light pulses.  Typically, each cartridge provides enough flashes to treat 2 arms, 2 legs, the bikini line, and the underarms.  After 90% of the light pulses have been used, the device’s “Replace Cartridge” indicator light blinks, informing the user that it is time to replace the lamp.

Try Any Silk'n Products ►►

FREE Returns On Us

Use COUPON Code XSHAVER to get 15% Off

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